• Micro-controlled self-contained emergency lighting module
  • Supports all types of T8, T5 HE and HO lamps
  • Programmed preheat start
  • Continuous filament heating to for stable lamp operation
  • Programmed 4-pole changeover guarantees no high voltage damaging ballasts
  • Fully compatible with all types of magnetic ballasts, dimming and non-dimming electronic ballasts with auto-restart feature
  • Sinusoidal lamp current waveform
  • Built-in reset mode to reduce current drain from battery pack
  • Deep-discharge shutdown for battery protection
  • Isolated low voltage test switch
  • Lamp faults and lamp open protections
  • Charger with open-load and over-current protections
  • Smart dual rate constant current charging for maximizing life of NiCd batteries
  • 12 hours battery recharge time, charging time is unaffected by mains voltage
  • Available in two and three-hour types

Electrical Characteristics

Rated supply voltage 220-240 VAC (-10%, +10%)
Supply frequency 50-60 Hz
Changeover time <0.3 Sec
Recharge time <12 hrs
Power factor 0.8
Battery cut-off voltage <1.0V/cell
Operating frequency > 42 Khz
Lamp current crest factor <1.7
Lamp switching cycles >10,000
Ambient temperature (ta) 0 … +50°C
Max. case temperature (tc) 70°C
Weight 290 g (excluding battery)

Recharge Hours

Discharge Hours

Micro-Controller Controlled Operations

The whole system is software controlled by a single chip micro-controller. These include battery charging, discharge discharging, system changeover, fault protections, LED indications and infrared remote control.

The improves system reliability and makes the system smarter for the whole operations.

LED Indications

The infrared remote control makes battery change-over testing is easier with just a press on the controller. It also provide 5-steps of dimming control for normal AC operation.

green-led-on-off Battery Charging
green-led-on-on Battery Full
red-led-on-on Battery Discharging
red-led-on-off System Errors



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FSD Circular Letter No. 1/2006: PPA-104(A) 4th Rev Fire Safety Standards for Emergency Lighting

Product Models

Model Lamp
Capacity (Ah)
Voltage (Vdc)
HED-114-SC2 1x14W 2 7.2 C06S20F
HED-121-SC2 1x21W 2 9.6 C08S20F
HED-128-SC2 1x28W 2 9.6 C08S20F
HED-135-SC2 1x35W 2 12.0 C10S20F
HED-124-SC2 1x24W 2 7.2 C06S20F
HED-139-SC2 1x39W 2 9.6 C08S20F
HED-149-SC2 1x49W 2 12.0 C10S20F
HED-154-SC2 1x54W 2 12.0 C10S20F
HED-180-SC2 1x80W 2 14.4 C12S20F
HED-118-SC2 1x18W 2 7.2 C06S20F
HED-130-SC2 1x30W 2 9.6 C08S20F
HED-136-SC2 1x36W 2 9.6 C08S20F
HED-158-SC2 1x58W 2 12.0 C10S20F
Model Lamp
Capacity (Ah)
Voltage (Vdc)
HED-114-SC3 1x14W 2 7.2 C06C30F
HED-121-SC3 1x21W 2 9.6 C08C30F
HED-128-SC3 1x28W 2 9.6 C08C30F
HED-135-SC3 1x35W 2 12.0 C10C30F
HED-124-SC3 1x24W 2 7.2 C06C30F
HED-139-SC3 1x39W 2 9.6 C08C30F
HED-149-SC3 1x49W 2 12.0 C10C30F
HED-154-SC3 1x54W 2 12.0 C10C30F
HED-180-SC3 1x80W 2 14.4 C12C30F
HED-118-SC3 1x18W 2 7.2 C06C30F
HED-130-SC3 1x30W 2 9.6 C08C30F
HED-136-SC3 1x36W 2 9.6 C08C30F
HED-158-SC3 1x58W 2 12.0 C10C30F
Model Lamp
Capacity (Ah)
Voltage (Vdc)
HED-114-SM2 1x14W 2 7.2 M06S22F
HED-121-SM2 1x21W 2 9.6 M08S22F
HED-128-SM2 1x28W 2 9.6 M08S22F
HED-135-SM2 1x35W 2 12.0 M10S22F
HED-124-SM2 1x24W 2 7.2 M06S22F
HED-139-SM2 1x39W 2 9.6 M08S22F
HED-149-SM2 1x49W 2 12.0 M10S22F
HED-154-SM2 1x54W 2 12.0 M10S22F
HED-180-SM2 1x80W 2 14.4 M12S22F
HED-118-SM2 1x18W 2 7.2 M06S22F
HED-130-SM2 1x30W 2 9.6 M08S22F
HED-136-SM2 1x36W 2 9.6 M08S22F
HED-158-SM2 1x58W 2 12.0 M10S22F