• For standard T8 G13 base lamps
  • IP 65 protection
  • Available in single and double lamp
  • HPP ballasts as standard configuration
  • HDA ballasts as 1-10V dimming option
  • 2-hr or 3-hr emergency lighting option

Electrical Characteristics

See detailed information below:
HPP T8 Electronic Ballasts
HDA T8 Electronic Ballasts
HED Emergency Lighting Units


Body White powered coated sheet body
Lamp holder BJB, flame retardant grade
Wires UL approved, 105°C
Terminal block BJB, flame retardant grade

ECGs Options

HPP T8 ballasts are the standard ECG for non-dimming applications. The ballasts are characterised by very high reliability and performance.

For dimming applications, HDA T8 ballasts can be selected. The ballasts support industrial standard 1-10V dimming interface.

To have emergency lighting function,  a HED emergency lighting unit is connected to one of the above electronic ballasts as a whole system.



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FSD Circular Letter No. 1/2006: PPA-104(A) 4th Rev Fire Safety Standards for Emergency Lighting

Product Models

Model Lamp
HFW-118PP T8 G13, 1x18W 660
HFW-136PP T8 G13, 1x36W 1276
HFW-158PP T8 G13, 1x58W 1576
HFW-218PP T8 G13, 1x18W 660
HFW-236PP T8 G13, 1x36W 1276
HFW-258PP T8 G13, 1x58W 1576

※ Add suffix “E2” or “E3” for 2-hr or 3-hr emergency lighting option
※ Add suffix “F” for optional fused terminal blocks

Model Lamp
HFW-118DA T8 G13, 1x18W 660
HFW-136DA T8 G13, 1x36W 1276
HFW-158DA T8 G13, 1x58W 1576
HFW-218DA T8 G13, 1x18W 660
HFW-236DA T8 G13, 1x36W 1276
HFW-258DA T8 G13, 1x58W 1576

※ Add suffix “E2” or “E3” for 2-hr or 3-hr emergency lighting option
※ Add suffix “F” for optional fused terminal blocks