• Suitable for HLL T8 G13 base LED lamps
  • LED drivers included for HLL T8 LED lamps
  • With optional reflectors and diffusers
  • Various choices for different series of LED lamps
  • Available in single and double lamp versions
  • Batteries with 2 or 3 hours options

Electrical Characteristics

See details information below:


Body White powered coated sheet body
Lamp holder BJB, flame retardant grade
Wires UL approved, 105°C
Terminal block BJB, flame retardant grade

LED Drivers

The driver is AC and DC LED drivers built into one single unit.

With the internal micro-processor, the whole system is software controlled. These include battery charging, discharge discharging, system changeover, fault protections, LED indications and infrared remote control.

The improves system reliability and makes the system smarter for the whole operations.

The drivers also have buit-in active power factor correction with very low harmonic distortion. Protections with over-current, short-ciruict and open-circuit are provided with automatic restart for ease of use.

Five steps dimming is provided via the infrared remote controller.

LED Indications

The infrared remote control makes battery change-over testing is easier with just a press on the controller. It also provide 5-steps of dimming control for normal AC operation.

green-led-on-off Battery Charging
green-led-on-on Battery Full
red-led-on-on Battery Discharging
red-led-on-off System Errors

Remote Control

The infra-red remote control makes battery change-over testing is easier with just a press on the controller. It also provide 5-steps of dimming control for normal AC operation.



EN 61347-2-1 Lamp controlgear. Particular requirements for starting devices (other than glow starters)

EN 61347-2-13 Lamp controlgear. Particular requirements for d.c. or a.c. supplied electronic controlgear for LED modules

EN 62384 DC or AC supplied electronic control gear for LED modules. Performance requirements

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EN 60598-2-22 Luminaires. Particular requirements. Luminaires for emergency lighting

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EN 61547 Equipment for general lighting purposes. EMC immunity requirements

FSD Circular Letter No. 1/2006: PPA-104(A) 4th Rev Fire Safety Standards for Emergency Lighting

Ordering Information

Model Lamp
HFB#-12L% T8 G13 600mm 1 610
HFB#-13L% T8 G13 900mm 1 912
HFB#-14L% T8 G13 1200mm 1 1220
HFB#-15L% T8 G13 1500mm 1 1525
HFB#-22L% T8 G13 600mm 2 1220
HFB#-23L% T8 G13 900mm 2 1824
HFB#-24L% T8 G13 1200mm 2 2440
HFB#-25L% T8 G13 1500mm 2 3050

※ Omit “#” for standard, replace with “R” for adding reflectors, replace with “D” for adding diffusers
※ Replace “%” with “E2” or “E3” for 2-hr or 3-hr emergency lighting option
※ Add suffix “F” for optional fused terminal blocks